TGIF Social Mixer | The Alma Tavern


We've got a private area reserved at the MD Bar at The Alma Tavern playing 80's & 90's beats all night long! So, let's a party and mingle with our Social Singles.

Open to all ages with the average ages attending our events tending to be mid 30's to mid 60's however everyone is welcome and made to feel comfortable. This is a great night to bring your friends along as the more the merrier. Our TGIF night Social Mixers are great nights for those who like to meet a lot of people or find those one or two people to have a long conversation with. Your host looks forward to meeting and greeting you and will show you through to the private area. The bar is open for individual purchases and the perfect place to start to chat with other Social Singles. Your host will also will chat with you if you are feeling a little nervous, as well as introduce you to other guests making the transition from arriving alone to engaging with others super easy. We promise! Any questions.


General Admission $10.00

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