Master Electricians Roadshow 2019 - Auckland


Master Electricians Roadshows are back! and with some more industry relevant topics that you ought to know more about!

Last year our roadshows were focused on the change to AS/NZS3000 and this year, as a result of feedback, we have nailed down a few different topics to cover, as opposed to one lengthy presentation. This year we have four topics and we have a range of expert speakers to join Bernie McLaughlin, CEO of Master Electricians NZ, on stage for some great discussion. The event will start off with drinks and nibbles for those of you that want to network. All four topics will be covered by their respective specialists and followed by a panel discussion at the end for any follow-up questions from the audience. Questions can be submitted anonymously or otherwise via the online submission form that will be open at the event. Our four topics are: EV CHARGING INSTALLATION It's clear there is a growing demand for electric vehicles in New Zealand, meaning the demand for charging intstallation is also prevalent. Currently there are multiple existing guideline documents out there that seem to conflict each other. Master Electricians has developed a guideline specifically for residential installations with support from Energy Safety NZ and Schneider Electric. Upon leaving this seminar, you'll have a clear understanding of industry best-practice around EV charging installation and a guide you can take home and refer to. CHANGE TO PRACTICING LICENSE RENEWAL PROCESS - EWRB UPDATES If you haven't heard already, there has been a change to the practicing license renewal process. This discussion focuses on the reasoning behind the changes and how it will affect you as an electrician when it comes time to renew your license. This discussion will also include relevant industry updates directly from the EWRB.


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