Beverage Technology and Commercialisation Workshop


The beverage sector is exhibiting excellent growth and continues to be an important contributor to exports and to the NZ economy.

This workshop is aimed at industry participants who wish to gain a broad understanding of beverage technology and commercialisation. It will cover the development of a beverage through R&D, processing, packing and commercialisation. The content will be invaluable for larger companies, SMEs and start-ups looking to rapidly up-skill staff in the basics of this subject with practical learnings from an experienced industry expert. It will cover RTDs, non-alcoholic beverages, carbonated and still, dairy and non-dairy (and even kombuchas!) Presenter John Evans is Managing Director of Blend Group, has had over 18 years in the beverage industry in technical and operations roles. During this time has overseen the launch of hundreds of products and been responsible for multiple beverage manufacturing sites. John will bring his wealth of commercial experience to give you practical insights and information on the requirements for successful beverage product development and commercialisation in New Zealand. The topics to be covered include: Beverage liquid development Beverage bottling processes Beverage quality/safety NZ commercialisation and contract packing NZ ingredient and suppliers Beverage cost analysis Beverage distribution in NZ


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