Data Vault 2.0 Boot Camp & Certification


The Data Vault 2.0 System of Business Intelligence represents a major evolution of the already successful Data Vault architecture.

Since its launch in 2013, Data Vault 2.0 has been increasingly adopted as a best practice standard for data warehousing and is fully applicable to Big Data deployments. Companies including Telstra, Audi, Lockheed, Vodafone and Tesco have already implemented automated data warehousing using Data Vault, allowing them to answer business users’ questions in hours and days instead of weeks and months, while lowering risk and reducing total cost of ownership. Speed, flexibility and accuracy are the key advantages as you reduce the deployment time of a new data warehouse and, perhaps more importantly, dramatically reduce business logic implementation cycles. This is important because it underpins critical business philosophies such as Agile IT development and Six Sigma continual process improvement. With greater flexibility comes the ability to incorporate changes quickly, without affecting the existing architecture, thereby reducing the need for shadow or bi-modal IT teams. Data accuracy is critical to business success and Data Vault 2.0 allows you to create trust in your data warehouse as a true system of record; giving you the confidence to implement a data-driven business strategy. Become Data Vault 2.0 Certified Certification in Data Vault 2.0 demonstrates that you are well briefed in the standards, methods, architecture and design of end-to-end data warehouses for a corporate level.Upon completing the course, you will be able to: - Build, automate, and deploy Data Vault systems from end to end with only weeks of design and implementation - Deliver in an agile fashion - Discuss the business benefits and uplift (or value) with the business users - Manage a full Data Vault 2.0 project - Include Big Data and NoSQL systems seamlessly and easily in your Data Vault 2.0 implementation plan


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