The #1 Experience In Life That You Must Master


Our 6th Christchurch Business Forum networking breakfast will be held on Friday May 17th. The purpose underlying these events is to (i) present challenging.

Our speaker this month is Dietmar Dyck. Dietmar is passionate about educating and motivating Christians in business. He has invested nearly two decades helping hundreds build more profitable and more influential businesses - of all shapes and sizes. "It is an incredible privilege to work with business owners who are willing to push the barriers of their own business and personal development. With this comes the humbling responsibility to provide a supportive and nurturing place that the business owner can experience greater personal fulfilment, freedom and financial abundance". "There is a saying that the path to the top is lonely. For me, it is at this knife edge of leadership that we can either fall by the wayside, or take up the challenge. My purpose is to make that path a memorable experience, full of insights, fulfilled aspirations and success in all areas of the business owners' life." Dietmar has extensive experience across a number of industries and holds an MBA from the University of Canterbury. Dietmar is a passionate self-learner with an insatiable need to know more. Dietmar's career has been a journey with experiences and insights gained that bring value into the relationship which is raw and real. He sees himself as a catalyst for positive change and is inspired by the challenge. Nothing sparks Dietmar more than seeing Kingdom Minded entrepreneurs educated, encouraged and challenged to take ground as they walk in their God given assignment.


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