Future of Leadership


How your brain’s wiring undermines your ability to lead and keeps you hooked to your smartphone.

OUR SPEAKERS: Carl Davidson, Chief Social Scientist at Research First Ltd., has worked in market and social research for nearly 30 years. For the last decade or so he has been the Chief Social Scientist at Research First Ltd (who, as the Twitter summary puts it, is a company of ‘market researchers, behaviour scientists, strategic thinkers, and good buggers’). Alongside all that practical experience, Carl has written a number of books about research and consultation practice in New Zealand and likes to keep his hand in teaching about research methods wherever he can. David Sewell, founder and CEO of Scaling Up NZ, sees his purpose as educating leaders into what those personalities are, how to identify them and then give them the tools to deal with the underlying stressors which in turn will bring back those personalities to their happier more productive positive selves. His research around the science behind leadership, in particular the reasons behind dysfunctional teams, bullying and office politics is at the leading edge of our understanding. Combining the science and how we did things in our ancient ancestors times provides a completely new approach to leadership that everyone connects with when they learn it. David, having been the victim of managers that ruled through fear and bulling and been privileged to be picked up under the wing of a couple of amazing leaders, has spent years trying to figure out why he has seen more of the earlier and less of the later. He only now is getting to grips with why bullies are bullies and why great leaders are great leaders. Both are driven by the same reward hormones in our brains, the difference is their own leaders, great leaders grow great leaders, managers create managers.


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