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Anxiety? Mood swings? Perpetual low mood? Or a feeling that something just isn’t quite right?

Whether it’s ourselves, or someone we love, the statistics in New Zealand tell us just how much we are all are impacted by mental health concerns today. In this seminar, leading Clinical Nutritionist Ben Warren shares his insights on the all-important mind-body connection and how to support your mood and anxiety with nutrients. Food, Mood & Anxiety What we eat, how our digestion is functioning and nutritional deficiencies are often not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of our mental health. Learn how naturally nourishing our bodies with nutrients and eating well can support our mental wellbeing and set up the foundations for living a healthy, energised, happier life. Who is this seminar for? This seminar is designed for people of all ages experiencing or supporting someone experiencing: • Anxiety or anxious thoughts • Depression and low mood • Mood swings • Constant feeling of ‘flatness’ • Those interested in a holistic, natural approach to mental wellness What will you learn? In this 2 hour seminar, Ben will share: • The mind-body connection and why it is so important • Key nutrients that support mental and physical wellness, and why • A practical, how-to guide for nourishing your body, and putting you back in the driver's seat of your mind • How diet and lifestyle factors can positively support mental wellbeing


General Admission $39.00 Double Pass $29.50

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