Feasibility Essentials for Property Development - Melbourne


Join us for an in-depth and practical masterclass on property development feasibilities.

ed by Adam Di Marco, founder of The Urban Developer and boutique developer Di Marco Group, this workshop will explore the theory underpinning property development feasibilities while also providing attendees with a practical understanding of how to develop and maintain a residential project feasibility. Through practical case studies, interactive learning and real-world examples, this workshop will provide attendees with the theoretical and practical skills needed to identify and assess new development opportunities. Course objective: The Feasibility Essentials course will provide attendees with the combined theoretical understanding and practical skills required to develop a residential project feasibility. This course has been designed to draw upon the practical experience of the moderator by providing real-life case studies and interactive learning. Learning outcomes: Attendees who complete the course will walk away with the ability to build, model and manage a financial feasibility model for a residential development. Starting with a base-level understanding of the financial theory and risk management techniques that underpin project feasibilities, the course will promptly progress to a practical modelling workshop. With the core objective to answer the question - does this project stack up? - attendees will start by learning about the key inputs required to build a feasibility.


General Admission $185.00 Ticket Bindle $165.00

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