Capitalise on Real Estate Cycles and Do Small Developments No Money Down


All proceeds from ticket sales and raffle at this educational event will be presented to the hospital by my nephew Coen leading up to the Good Friday Appeal.

2019 has just began, and is already leaving amateur investors bewildered. Confusing economic signals. Mixed real estate messages. And sensationalist media headlines all mean one thing: A PERFECT environment for intelligent investors. You see, inexperienced investors get hung up on “Are we headed for a 40% crash like the media is telling us?" While SMART investors ask… “What is the SAFEST way for me to keep making GOOD PROFITS in this unstable market?” Which is what Brendan Kelly and Nhan Nguyen will share with you during this seminar on Sunday 7th April 2019: * Secrets to capitalising on real estate uncertainty (safe ways to increase profits using other people’s panic) * Why some of the best opportunities of this decade are now coming to market – and where to find them (Don’t be fooled by the ‘doom and gloom’ sentiment the media is pushing!). * How pro investors predict the next 12+ months will play out for Melbourne and Victoria – critical information on where the market is going you can’t get online or in the papers! * A Simple Template To Solve All Your Funding and Servicing Issues – Exact Pitch Template Used By Nhan Nguyen To Get Money Partners On Board For His Own Deals (Over $35 Million Dollars To Date) * How Nhan is finding overlooked suburbs with the best subdivisions, developments, and renovators right now – and buying them below market value! * The Motivated Seller Detector: 3 ways to find homeowners absolutely ANXIOUS to sell… and ready to settle! (BIG BIG BARGAINS here – but only as long as the market is jittery!) If you’ve been struggling to find deals that stack up, or been finding it hard to finance deals – this event is the answer. It shows you how to make THE MOST of the CURRENT market conditions.


Early Bird $17.00 General Admission $27.00 VIP up front Seating $37.00 VIP Lunch With The Expert $72.00

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