Home-Grown Heroes 2019


HOME-GROWN HEROES 2019 Western Australia's Most Powerful Real Estate Conference REAL ESTATE BUSINESS SECRETS REVEALED!

ARE YOU AN AGENT WHO IS... Struggling to get buyers to commit! Battling with helping sellers meet the market? Chasing clients instead of attracting them? Losing listings without selling them? Western Australia’s top-performing agents and industry powerhouses come together to help you with the challenges holding you back. This isn’t a general real estate business conference — it’s region-specific with advice and strategies from those who know the WA market inside and out and have thrived in the last 6 years. You will learn: How to create a never-ending conveyor belt of new listings How to attract clients instead of chasing them The incredible value of a Buyer Manager Simple, efficient systems to earn more & have more time off How to carve out your niche in a competitive business How Public Speaking can influence & persuade buyers & sellers to come to your way of thinking The 7 “High-dollar Productive Activities” every agent needs to focus on to be high performing Getting the balance right between business and family Simple ways to scale your business How to stay accountable to reach your goals How to deal with setbacks, recessions, market changes, and disruption models This is just a small taste of what you’ll take away from this special once-a-year event.


General Admission $87.00 Early Bird 2 for 1 $43.50 Early Bird 4 for 2 $43.50 Early Bird 8 for 4 $43.50

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